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Accountability Group


Stay on Track with support. 

Group Details

What:  ADHD Accountability  Group

When: Wednesdays

Time: Vary based on demand

Duration:  60-75 minutes (based on group size)

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

*This is a small group, limited to 8 members. 

Can you relate to any of the following?


You are an adult 25+ with ADHD or self diagnosed.

You already have had some help for ADHD and want to continue to move forward toward personal and/or professional goals.

You want focus, sustainable routines and more concrete results.

You want to stop procrastinating and get started sooner.

You want to finish what you start.

You want to know how to get back on track when you realize you got derailed.

About the Group



This is an outcome-driven group, designed to help you stay on track and to continue to move closer to your goals with the support of like-minded individuals.


With the support of a professional ADHD coach, participants will help guide each other, celebrate wins, and exchange strategies, while also providing accountability.


This group offers an opportunity to enhance and build new strategies to assist with organization, prioritization, emotional regulation, daily rituals, and motivation.


How does it work? What can I expect?


We begin the group with individual check-ins.


By joining this small community of up to 6 adults with ADHD, participants will receive accountability and support.


Each member will have a turn to share updates towards their identified goals and conclude with a declaration of concrete actions they will work on over the week to continue to move them closer toward their goals. GET THINGS DONE!


In between group sessions members will be able to stay in-touch during the week through MindFuel’s Private Portal to help one another get started, stay on track and  gain momentum toward intentions! 

COST Monthly Membership (option to cancel at any time)

Vary based on group size and duration.

One payment of  $350 


Payment Plan = 2 installments of $200  (1st payment due upon registering)


      Once registered, you’ll receive a zoom link along with a link to access our private coaching portal.

Does the day or time not work into your schedule?

Let us know! We add groups based on popular demand.