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Foundations for ADHD Adulting

Your Roadmap Towards ADHD Mastery


Duration: 4 weeks

Length: 75 min-90 min

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

Limit:  Up to  6  participants

Who this group is for


You are an adult with ADHD (no formal diagnosis required).

You want to start addressing the challenges that arise from day to day in your personal and/or professional life.

You want to figure out how to create structure in your life and improve your time management. 

You want to be  more productive and feel less overwhelmed.

You want a supportive community who gets what you’re going through.




About the Group


The Foundations for Adulting with ADHD is a small coaching group designed to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.


Learn about common unique challenges (and strengths) experienced by adults with ADHD. 

Increase your self-awareness to understand how ADHD shows up and impacts your life.

 Identify priority goals you want to work on and get support to learn strategies to make progress. 

Learn practical & emotional coping strategies that can help you live, work, and feel better.

Connect with other ADHDers who are in the same boat!


 Share about your experiences and be supportive of other members.

Maintain Confidentiality. What is said in the group stays in the group.

  Option to stay in-touch with the group for support and accountability during the week using our private communications channel. 

*Note: This is a Coaching Group. This is not a replacement for therapy.


Group sessions cover some of the following topics:


Understand your ADHD brain


Self compassion

Motivation & Goals 

Habits & Routine 

Self Care

Executive functioning

Emotional Dysregulation



In a Nutshell…


This Group Includes:

(4) 75-90 minute weekly group coaching sessions (depends on group size).

(2) Private coaching session (*for new clients).

Free entry to Drop-In Power Sessions.

Access to resources on topics that come up in group to build on learnings.

Private communications portal to stay in-touch with members throughout the week for support and accountability.  

Days/ Times: This group is offered multiple times/week. We create groups based on popular demand. 

You can identify your availability when you sign up for the consult.



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