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Weekly Planning

& Productivity

ADHD Accountability  Group


Weekly Planning & Productivity Group

When: Mondays (Beginning October 17th)

Session: 60-75 minutes (depends on group size)

Duration: 6 weeks

Time: 12:15pm (MT) 1:15pm CT / 2:15pm (EST)

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

This Group is for you if…


You are an Adult with ADHD (diagnosed or suspected) who struggles with planning your days and all that you have to do.

You already have systems for planning but don’t consistently (or ever) use them.

You know you SHOULD take the time to plan but never do.

You have endless to-do lists but never seem to make a dent.

You know what you need to do but it takes you “forever” to get started.

You are tired of letting others down (including yourself!) when you can’t honor on a commitment.


Overview of the Group


Our Weekly Planning & Productivity Accountability Group provides you time in your busy schedule to build on strategies to use your

planning systems consistently with the support of others who are in the same boat.

Plan for more productive days, weeks and projects.

Prioritize the most essential tasks.

Start on tasks with less delay and increase focus sustainability to follow through.

Build confidence in planning systems and ability to use them consistently.

How does it work? What can I expect?


 Each session, the coach will introduce and review popular hacks and tools that assist with key executive functioning challenges related to prioritization, task initiation, sustained attention, or metacognition.

With the support of the coach and one another, you will exchange strategies and identify a concrete intention you want to work on during the week.

Each session will include 15 minutes of independent work-time for planning, applying organizational hacks, working on projects, or getting started on weekly tasks.

You are expected to have available whatever planning tools you use (i.e., planner, electronic calendar, ect.).

Weekly planning allows you to be clear on your priorities and keeps you on track!


Cost: One time payment of $540 or two payments of $295 (The second payment will be deducted the following month).

What does the cost include:

(6) Weekly 75 minute Virtual Coaching Sessions.

(1) Private Kick-off Coaching Session (*exclusive to new clients).

Free entry to Community Drop-in Power Sessions.

Access to MindFuel’s private portal and communication channel to stay in touch with group members throughout the week for ongoing accountability and coach provided resources. 

Master your planning and boost your productivity. Enroll today!


(Groups are small, limited spots available. Do not delay! Today is the day)