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Building Healthy Habits & Life Balance

Eat Healthier. Sleep Better. Exercise. Relax. Carve out time for what you love consistently.

Wednesdays starting 4/12/23

Power Sessions!

Get stuff done with others over zoom in a structured and distraction-free environment. This is an SOO HELPFUL to be productive without delay!

Friday, March 24th (FREE!)

(Awesome) Small Coaching Groups!


Professionals Group



Begins: May 

Finally achieve your professional potential amongst people who get you.


Building Healthy Habits & Life Balance

Begins: April 12th

Learn ADHD specific strategies & get support to help you achieve your wellness goals.





MOMENTUM: Accountability Group



 Achieve your goals amongst people who get you. Exchange strategies get support & accountability.





Foundations for Adulting with ADHD (Late 20's-30's)


Begins: April 12 & 13     







Foundations for Adulting with ADHD (Mid 30's and up)


 Begins: April 12 & 13







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ADHD Support groups  are designed to provide support and connection from others who get you!  Support groups can help you understand and manage your ADHD-related challenges in a safe and positive environment.

ADHD Accountability groups are results driven, designed to help you move closer to your goals (aka-get stuff done) with the support of others with the same desire.


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