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Helping Individuals & Couples with ADD/ADHD to Navigate Life Challenges

About Me

Lisa Kaufman, ADHD Expert  (LCSW, CALC)


As the founder of MindFuel Counseling, I am 100% invested in helping individuals and couples to navigate through life challenges and transitions.  I offer counseling and life coaching services. I specialize in helping adults with ADHD.

I am a licensed clinical social worker and a credentialed ADHD Life Coach. 

I motivate and empower my clients to make choices that will promote their most satisfying life utilizing innovative and collaborative counseling techniques with a large dose of authenticity!


Published Works

Q: Intense Emotions are Ruining My Life. How Can I Control My Temper?

By Lisa Kaufman, LCSW – ADDitude

Are you ready to feel less overwhelmed and feel more in control?

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