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Begins January 2024! 


ADHD Support Group

Pros of our DROP-IN Groups…

You get a lil’ taste of an ADHD coaching/supportive experience before investing time and money into an ongoing group.

You need flexibility because your schedule is too chaotic.

You want to get support right now but you feel too busy to commit to attending a group that requires more consistency.

This Drop-In Support Group is for you if: 

You are an adult (age 25+) with ADHD (no formal diagnosis required).

You are new to ADHD coaching OR you are already getting help and just want additional support.

You are curious about the look and feel of ADHD support outside of a 1-1 dynamic.

You crave connection and want to feel understood.

Overview of the group…

The Drop-In Support group provides you the opportunity to discuss ADHD related challenges and get support from others who are in the same boat .

Those who have never had any coaching before will get a lil’ taste of the look and feel of a coaching experience alongside of other members who may be further along in their journey.

*Group size varies ranging from two to eight individuals.

What can I expect?

This support group has some structure with a lot of flexibility to allow discussions to be relevant and relatable to those who are in attendance.

You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself with the option to share some of your current challenges.

Supporting your peers by listening and without judgement is required.

Groups are kept small and the coach facilitates the discussions in a way to foster connection and safety.

Common discussion topics: Time management, Chronic procrastination, Organizing, Perfectionism, Overwhelm, and Relationship Stress.


Drop-In ADHD Support Group

(begins January 3rd 2024!)

 Day: Wednesdays (1st & 3rd of the month)

Time: 6:30pm (MST) /7:30pm (CST)/ 8:30pm (EST)

Duration: 60 minutes

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

(Limited to 8 participants)